Ten Fashion Bloggers You Need To Follow | Style Snatch

4th Jun 2021

With lockdown restrictions being eased for the third time over a twelve-month period, it's understandable that you're ready to ditch the PJs and meet up with friends and family. And of course, when seeing your loved ones, you're going to want to look your best.

What fashion bloggers do

Fashion bloggers put outfits together, photograph and then write about them online. That's the nutshell version of it, but there's a lot more to it than that. Often, they also run Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube accounts, attend functions and have regular meetings with brands.

Followers should expect fantastic new fashion ideas regularly from their favourite fashion bloggers. They should also expect truth at all times.

Not sure who you should follow?

We’ve collated a list of ten fashion bloggers to follow if you want to turn heads and feel fierce stepping out of your house.

In no particular order, let's get started:

What Olivia Did

We love her quirky vintage yet preppy vibe. This fashion blogger touches on style, beauty, lifestyle and travel. She is also the founder of The Insecure Girls' Club, a place for women to share stories and feel empowered - and who doesn't need a little empowerment right now?

Where can you find Olivia:

Blog: What Olivia Did

Instagram: Livpurvis

Pinterest: Olivia Grace


Amira is a self-declared fashion experimenter. We fell in love not only with her style but her outlook:

“More significantly, the whole objective behind Modestmira is to spread positivity, illustrating that no matter how different you may consider yourself there is always a place for you in this world.”

Where can you find ModestMira:

Blog: ModestMira

Instagram: ModestMira_

Pinterest: ModestMira_


From bright clothes to more subtle looks, EdaowoFashion is always eye-catching. But perhaps the most impressive thing about this fashion blogger is that everything looks so effortless. Definitely someone worth following.

Where can you find EdaowoFashion:

Blog: EdaowoFashion

Instagram: EdaowoFashion

Alex Stedman

From chunky knitwear to holiday packing advice, Alex's whole M.O. is spending sensibly but still looking great. She has also spoken at ELLE and Stylist. She covers numerous topics in addition to fashion, so if you're also interested in interior, beauty and lifestyle, you'll find plenty of posts on these subjects too.

Where can you find Alex Stedman:

Blog: The Frugality

Instagram: Thefrugality

Pinterest: The Frugality

Hannah Crosskey

Hannah does wonders with neutral colour palettes, perfect for those who prefer these shades to bolder colours. If you want to know which clunky boots are the boots to buy or how to dress for a trip abroad when that glorious day finally arrives, Hannah has the answers you're looking for.

Where can you find Hannah Crosskey:

Blog: A Fashion Fix

Instagram: HannahCrosskey

Natasha Ndlovu

If you’re interested in what goes on behind the scenes of the fashion industry, you must follow Natasha. You can also grab some excellent fashion tips from her.

Where can you find Natasha Ndlovu:

Blog: Bisous Natasha

Instagram: Natashandlovu

  1. Abisola Omole

Also known as AbiMarvel, she had to be included in our list. If you're having one of those moments where your entire wardrobe is on your bed, and you can't put together a single outfit (we've all been there), hop over to her style page for diary-esque ideas.

Where can you find Abisola Omole:

Blog: Arva Stories

Instagram: AbiMarvel

Lucy Williams

We were pretty sure we would love Lucy when we learned that she began her career at InStyle magazine. When we discovered that a leather biker jacket, long camel coat and cut-off denim jeans were the favourite pieces in her wardrobe, our feelings were confirmed.

Where can you find Lucy Williams:

Blog: Fashion Me Now

Instagram: Lucywilliams02

Pinterest: Lucy Williams

9) Yanin Namasonthi

H&M, Vogue and Topshop are just three of the fantastic brands this fashion blogger has worked with over the years. To get extra sleep before work, Yanin had pictures of all her outfits to hand so she could wake up, browse and select a look for the day. She now shares her outfits with the world and is also launching a jewellery collection soon, which we are sure will be incredible.

Where can you find Yanin Namasonthi:

Blog: I Dress Myself

Stephanie Yeboah

From helping us get through lockdown and shop sustainability to sharing her thoughts on the future of British plus size fashion, Stephanie had to be included in our list of fashion bloggers to follow. She also blogs about beauty, lifestyle and has an entire category for her thoughts.

Where can you find Stephanie Yeboah:

Blog: Stephanie Yeboah

With so many fantastic fashion bloggers out there, this post could have been a lot longer. Still, we hope this list of some of our absolute favourites helps you dip your toe into a unique online community and has helped you find some fantastic women to follow.