Will A Stint In Reality TV Help You Launch Your Business? | Style Snatch

Posted by Ben Atha on 24th Jun 2021

Love Island is a guilty pleasure shared by many, breaking the rating record in 2019. We wait and wait for a new series to start, only for it to be over far too quickly, and the waiting begins anew. 

Islanders can quickly find fame just by being on the show, and many participants use that fame to boost or launch their own businesses. Out of 187 Islanders over the six-season stint, 101 have left the show and focused on building their businesses. Some former participants have even launched multiple companies: 

Number of Love Islanders with 1 Company 101 

Number of Love Islanders with 2+ Companies 44 

Number of Love Islanders with 3+ Companies 23 

Number of Love Islanders with 4+ Companies 8 

Number of Love Islanders with 5+ Companies 3 

Number of Love Islanders with 6+ Companies 2 

Number of Love Islanders with 7 Companies 1 

It seems that a stint in reality TV could lead to better entrepreneurial prospects than a business degree. It can be achieved in a much shorter time frame too. 

Can reality TV really help you launch a business? 

Reality TV is a surefire way to get your name out there; something brands often require years to accomplish. Although being accepted onto the show doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. Of the 182 businesses launched by ex-islanders, 54 have closed down, 108 have a net worth of £0, and 15 companies are in debt. 

The most successful businesses launched by ex-islanders have been in the fashion sector. So, if you’ve always dreamed of seeing your designs on the catwalk, or aspire to be as rich as the top ten most successful ex-islanders, a stint on Reality TV may be just the ticket you need. 

What are the requirements to be on Love Island? 

So, now you have a goal, it’s time to make a plan. You’ll be glad to hear that there are only five requirements to be on Love Island: 

  • You must be 18 or over.
  • You cannot be currently or previously employed by ITV.
  • Have a direct link (partner or immediate relative) employed by ITV.
  • You must have a valid passport.
  • You must be available for at least ten weeks. 

All that’s left to do is complete the entry form and wait to hear back from the casting team. Quick, though, entries close on 16th July! 

Of course, that’s not the only way to get onto the show. According to Lewis Evans, the casting producer, you should have a substantial social media presence and not be afraid to show off if you want to catch their eye. 

It goes without saying that if you are hoping to gain followers, you need to look your best at all times. While you may be tempted to cover as many bases as possible, with an Insta and TikTok account, a vlog on Youtube and your own blog, you should start with one platform and dominate that before expanding. 

It may mean that you end up applying for a later series of Love Island or some other reality TV show, but the stronger your presence when the casting team discovers you, the more chances of business success after the show wraps up. 

And let’s not forget that success for many reality TV stars like Love Island contestants rests on the audience liking them. Getting as many people on your side before heading to the island means you’re more likely to be kept on the show for longer, which gives you more chances of business success. 

Remember us when you’re rich and famous!